Orange for Agricultural Crops is a subsidiary of Ali Salam and Sons group and is a leading exporter of a vast variety of fruits and vegetables. Established in 2010 in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as the second pack house of the group. Orange has succeeded in penetrating global markets and supplying world class fruits and vegetables to all global partners.

Ali Salam & Sons group is a family business established in Turkey in the early 1980s, and it was the basis for the establishment of a series of subsidiaries.

Ali Salam & Sons Group has several branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and It has four active subsidiaries around the world, produce more than 800 tons of citrus, fruits and vegetables daily in total, and exported to more than twenty countries around the world.

Our Product

Orange for Agricultural crops run the biggest farms in Egypt, all the farms are located in the best agricultural fields and are all certified.
Our products have the best growing conditions with lots of sunshine and the perfect soil.
Because your health and satisfaction are important to us, we make sure to have strict quality control system for our products.

Packing house

Ali Salam & Sons group have Three packing houses in Egypt with a total size of 30.000 square meters and around 200 employees each.

Our employees are well-trained and our engineers and quality control managers has enough experience more than ten years to ensure the best packaging processes and the best products quality.

Sustainability is always important to us, therefore we use the most advanced technologies to help prevent and minimize waste in any form, thats why we make sure to minimize our waste and our carbon footprint by using sustainable options and Newble energy.

Our sizer is extremely precise. It sorts the products by color, weight, and diameter, about 250 tons per shift.


Quality and customer satisfaction is important for us and therefore we have high standards with high quality certificates

Why us ?

Our high standards makes us stand out among competition in addition to many  clients around the world putting their trust in us. We pay special attention to our customers and their satisfaction. Your opinion is important for us and we assure the best quality. Our flexibility, inherent in our business model, experience, size, reach and resources, makes us well suited to anticipate future customer needs, maintain our relevance in the supply chain, keep our position at the forefront of the market and continue to grow as our industry evolves

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