About Us

Orange for Agricultural crops is today one of the biggest exporters of crops in Egypt but is also a pioneer in cultivation, packaging, and manufacturing.

Orange for agricultural crops is a part of Ali Salam and Sons Group which is a family-owned group. Along with Orange for agricultural crops, Ali Salam and sons group owns a package manufacturing company to produce our boxes with reusable plastics, a shipping company to handle our containers, and a sales office in Sweden to follow up with our clients and handle the business in Europe.

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Quality is most important
Orange for Agricultural Crops

Our Mission

To redefine agribusiness ethicalities, professionalism, and best practices, and to form generational business relationships.
Our goal is to produce, pack and export the finest fruits and vegetables around the world. Our flexibility, inherent in our business model, experience, size, reach and resources, makes us well-suited to anticipate future customer needs, maintain our relevance in the supply chain, keep our position at the forefront of the market and continue to grow as our industry evolves. With the advantage of our big farms and rich soil, our products have the best conditions to grow and have the best quality and flavors possible. our 4000 Ton cold storage area allows us to have an advantage over the competition and a bigger room for maneuvering.
We are believers in the strength of business integrations and business diversifications; thus, the group has expanded horizontally by building 3 packhouses and vertically by owning a plastic manufacturing company to produce its fruit boxes, a shipping company to handle its containers, and a sales office in Sweden to follow up with clients.
Our capabilities have allowed us to leave our legacy in all over the world reaching Europe, Canada, Australia, China, Far East, KSA, and Gulf Countries.

Our values

we do our best to provide high quality and fresh products and this is important to us. We do this by having three main values.

Innovation : We have a big and skillfull team with years of experience. We search for new technologies all over the world. We develop and adapt them to make sure that we keep our high standard.

Clients satisfaction : High quality and customer satisfaction and trust is important to us. Therefore we make sure to provide the best products for our customers. We keep in contact with the customers to make sure they are satisfied and receive feedback from them.

Responsibility: towards our environment: We make sure to manage and minimise our consumption of the natural resources and water in any kind. We make sure to preserve our precious oceans and always make sure to choose the sustainable options. We are always investing in renewable forms of energy in all of our business and we are working on reducing our carbon footprint and preserve the precious resources the earth provides us with. When producing our own packaging, we make sure to always use reusble plastic in order to protect the valuable resources.

Places where our products grow in Egypt