Ali Salam and Sons Group is a family owned group established in the early 1980s and has been focusing on international trade and agricultural services. Our packhouses are scattered over a total area of 30.000 meters squared and are
carefully positioned in Egypt’s most critical agricultural areas that guarantee the best post-harvest treatment of all of our products. Equipped with 4 high end production lines, we are capable of producing 800 Tons of citrus per day; additionally, our 4000 Ton cold storage area allow us to have an advantage over the competition and a bigger room for maneuvering.

We are believers in the strength of business integrations and business diversifications; thus, the group has expanded horizontally by building 3 packhouses and vertically by owning a plastic manufacturing company to produce its own fruit boxes, a shipping company to handle its containers, a sales office in Sweden to follow up with clients and soon into farming to complete the value chain circle and achieve 100% of product control.  Our capabilities have allowed us to leave our legacy in all over the world reaching Europe, Canada, Australia, China, Far East, KSA and Gulf Countries.

Orange for agricultrural Crops

Orange for Agricultural Crops

Was established in 2010 and is a subsidiary of Ali Salam and sons group.  The company is one of the leading exporters of fruit in Egypt and it has a sales office in sweden and in Germany that runs its business in Europe.

General manager: Iyad Salam

Orange Europe

Orange Europe

Established by Orange for Agricultural Crops 2021. Its’ goal is to run the business in Europe. The company is also a subsidiary of Ali Salam and sons group. Orange Europe is available in both Germany and Sweden.

General manager: Jacob Salomonsson


Sabah Company

Was established in 2012. And is one of the leading fruit exporters in Egypt.

General manager: Ibrahim Salam.

SaLam Company

Salam Company

Was established in 2005 and is one of the biggest fruit exporters in Egypt

General manager: Ziad Salam.

AL-Sham Plastic

AL-Sham plastic

Was established in 2010. The company is also a subsidiary of Ali Salam and Sons group. The companys’ mission is to produce plastic boxes with reusable plastic.

General manager: Emad Salam.